Saving money and renovation: not two words which normally go together!

Nice article with a few helpful hints. I guess you need to look past the product placement to find them but still worth a read!

“You may have grand renovation dreams but your bank manager may have other ideas. Committing to a renovation is always going to make a dent in your savings, but being smart on when to splurge and when to save will make all the difference to your bank balance.”


How to save money on a renovation: Where to spend and where to splurge


So You Want to Build a Granny Flat?

A granny flat can be used as a home office, an art studio, a playroom, a teenage retreat, a guest room or even a man cave. Not only that, it can still work as a stylish place for Nanna to live. If you have the land to build a granny flat but are not sure what you need to consider in the pre-planning stage, first check the current council regulations, then look at various options to future-proof this multifunctional addition to your home. We round up some of the most relevant points here.

Renovating, what is your motivation?

Interesting article about the cost/benefits conversation that every renovator should ask themselves before they get started. This article is probably more tailored to the property investor but there are some very valid points for those looking to renovate their own home. 

“Remember, renovating for your own personal use and renovating to attract a wide range of potential buyers can really be two different things. It all comes down to your return on investment or ROI. Basically, you’ll want to ensure the amount you invest in the renovation is less than the value you’re adding to the property, and the sale price you’re likely to achieve.”


5 scenarios where it doesn’t pay to renovate



Look Closer! 10 Costly Items Missing From Your Drawings

When working with an architect or building designer, you spend a lot of time massaging the design to ensure it’s just right. We get fixated on all manner of things from how the design flows, storage solutions, the size of rooms, floor finishes and window styles, to name only a few. However, underneath those higher-level decisions is a collection of a lot of smaller considerations that also need to be nominated and clarified in some way. There are dozens of things that are represented on the floor plan, or simply assumed to be included in a builder’s quote because it just seems obvious. However, these items are often not dealt with in sufficient detail to ensure that you and your builder are on the same page – and when that is the case, you are more exposed to inaccurate quoting, build-stage cost variations, builder’s margins and budget blow-outs.

9 Bathroom Reno Questions You Never Thought to Ask!

Bathroom renovation and design blend big dreams and practical realities. To make a bathroom work, it’s best to design from the fixtures and finishes backward to the walls and floor. The little things about an intimate room can make a huge difference in the day-to-day experience of it.
At the beginning of the process – the dream phase – the focus tends to be on colour, layout, heated floors and moving things around. These are all important things, but if nobody is thinking about the stuff behind the walls and under the floors to make the overall design work well and affordably, the train will head off the tracks as soon as it leaves the station.
Here are nine critical things to think about at the outset of a bathroom project and at every step of construction.